New Construction

The Curved House

Designed by Black River Design Architects and built by Montpelier Construction.

This home was built several years before Montpelier Construction was formed, but four of the partners-to-be were central to this project.

Malcolm was the primary contractor and will always remember his first meeting with this client. The first thing she said was "I want a home with no straight walls and no 90 degree corners." After nine months, many meetings, forty-some buckets of joint compound and a bit of remembered high school math; the home was ready to go.

Two twenty-four foot diameter half-circle ends are connected by a seventy foot radius arching front wall. The back patio is held in the two arms of the house as they curve back across the living room French doors. Window trim was minimized with radiused sheet-rock returns and curved cherry sills.

The central living room is elliptical with an arched dome ceiling. The dining room is in the half-circle of one end along with the curving kitchen counter and cabinets.

A hallway spine connects both ends of the home, with flooring cut with splays to accommodate the curving walk. The far end of the Hall opens into the curved study, with an elliptical light tray sweeping around the ceiling.

The main bedroom included a stone reading nook with a beautiful view out through her gardens.

The bathrooms enjoy curving cabinets and tilework. The client provided beach pebbles from her travels for her shower floor. The guest bath has undulating free-form tile that seems to mimic a rolling wave, complete with a frothy natural stone cap.

A mass of rounded stonework provides stairs to a petite elliptical shaped mediation space, where the curved stairwell cutout nestles with the curves of the floor.