Harry Strand

Harry Strand

223 Wood Road
N. Middlesex, VT 05682

Harry began woodworking in high school and continued through his undergraduate years at the University of New Hampshire to finance his schooling. He moved to the West Coast in 1983 and worked with architect Christopher Alexander's Center for Environmental Structure for two years. Harry continued work in the Bay Area with other colleagues, working on modern and period homes, and experimenting with new materials and techniques.

Harry brought his talent and skills to Vermont in 1994. Prior to forming Montpelier Construction in 1998, he partnered with Chris Miksic, worked with Vermont Center for Independent Living, and volunteered on Habitat for Humanity Projects. He also designed and built a 1,000 square-foot woodshop and has almost finished building his home in Middlesex.

Harry continues to develop both his project management and hands-on building skills, particularly as they relate to home energy performance. He is also interested in the professional development of his work crew. "I try to impart a democratic approach to managing a project, encouraging every crew member to have a relationship with the client, with personal and professional growth in mind".