Home Performance with Energy Star

We provide comprehensive home energy audits to target your home's energy, health and safety needs.

A home energy audit includes:

  • A home inspection to determine insulation type and amount.
  • A blower door test: We depressurize the building to detect if there are air leaks in your home.
  • Air pressure tests: We test the air pressure between different areas of your home (such as the garage, attic, and basement) to determine if these areas are contaminating your living space with noxious odors, gasses, molds, or fumes; or if air leakage is reducing your heating system's efficiency.
  • Health and safety tests: We check your heating system to make sure it is functioning properly and efficiently. We look for problems such as carbon monoxide (CO) backdrafting and chimney drafts. We also test any propane appliances for proper ventilation, gas leaks, and CO production.

After the audit you will receive a list of suggested energy upgrades for your home. Each measure includes the cost, annual energy cost saving, payback time and return on investment. We also list any health and safety measures that we feel are needed for your family's comfort and well-being.

An initial audit costs $400 and we will rebate back 10% of the cost of the energy work up to $200 for a final audit cost of $200. This price includes a retest of your home after any energy work.

Through Efficiency Vermont, we can facilitate a variety of cost saving measures such as reduced interest loans, heat system and appliance replacement cash incentives, and free light bulb replacement with compact fluorescent lights. Contact Efficiency Vermont at 888-921-5990 for more information about how you can save money and make your home warmer and healthier.

Energy Star Efficiency Vermont