Jon Williamson

Jon Williamson

PO Box 454
Montpelier, VT 05602
cell 802 522 9438

Jon began his foray into carpentry in the late 90's while he was a middle school math and science teacher in North Carolina. During summers off he helped a friend with remodeling jobs and commercial painting.

He moved to Vermont in 2001 and taught for two years before entering the building trades full time. He then spent a year as a carpenter's helper doing renovations, remodeling, and painting jobs. After a chance meeting with Mitchell Estrin, Jon began working for Montpelier Construction in 2004. He became a partner in 2008.

Jon is drawn to the building trades because he likes the physical work as well as the critical thinking and problem solving skills it requires. It's also an environment he's at ease in. "I lived in a house that was constantly under construction by my mother, an amateur interior decorator, and my do-it-yourself father." He's happy to have his own tools now rather than standing around holding things and handing tools to his father.

A generalist, Jon enjoys everything from framing to floors, setting tile and casing windows. As a site coordinator, he likes working with subcontractors, clients, and co-workers to realize a common vision. His background in environmental science informs his building practices on a daily basis and resonates with the company's vision of sustainable building.