New Construction

Writing Retreat

Photo credit: Susan Teare

Designed by architect Milford Cushman and built by Montpelier Construction, this contemporary three-level home has expansive views of the surrounding landscape and was built with an emphasis on sustainability.

Situated on a steep, north-facing slope, the house is designed to maximize sun and light from the south with plenty of windows, an open floor plan on the central level, and glass doors on both sides of the overhead kitchen cabinets.

One enters the home through an entry-porch covered by a shed roof. The main floor comprises the mudroom, a half-bath and the open kitchen, dining, and living spaces, with basement and storage below and the master bedroom and bath above.

The floors, ceilings, cabinets and trim are Eastern white pine; the countertops and vanities are heart pine; the timbers used to construct the screened porch are hemlock; the deck is local tamarack; the exterior is made of white pine and white cedar shingles from the Northeast Kingdom; and the interior wood surfaces are finished with tung oil manufactured in Vermont.