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Chris Clarke Miksic of Montpelier Construction is a certified PHIUS Passive House Consultant (CPHC) and PHIUS Builder (CPHB). Chris is also a BPI Certified Home Performance Contractor and one of Montpelier Construction’s founding partners.

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Chris has a diverse background as a designer and an energy efficient builder. His projects range from three recent Passive House residential projects to geodesic domes to timber frames of the 90’s. He is dedicated to growing the awareness and implementation of the Passive House Standard and strives to build to the highest energy standard in the world with robust, green, sustainable, and vapor open assemblies. Passive House design applies building science to assure healthy and comfortable building spaces that are energy efficient, Net Zero ready and fossil fuel free.

In 2016 Chris partnered with Central VT Habitat for Humanity chapter to design and PHIUS certify the East Montpelier Passive House. Chris worked with volunteer crews on site, and now the homeowners occupy an affordable comfortable low energy, NetZero home. Chris continuously attends Passive House and High Performing Home workshops and trainings. He is an active member of the not-for-profit Vermont Passive House and The Building Performance Professional Association of VT, BPPA-VT. As an Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN) Contractor and Home Performance with Energy Star Contractor/Auditor, he has done many weatherization and energy retrofit /upgrades through Efficiency Vermont for homeowners in Central Vermont.

Chris is now the Vermont distributor for Partel Airtightness System of airtight membranes and sealing tapes. He takes great pride and pleasure that in addition to his contracting and design responsibilities, he continues to work hands-on alongside everyone on the job site.

Building materials and construction, and operating a building in Vermont, all have a contributing Carbon footprint. "I look to decrease that footprint during construction by using local sustainable materials, recycling and energy conservation building techniques. Then, by applying super insulated, airtight and thermal bridge free assembly Passive House design and energy efficient lighting and appliances, controlled ventilation and heating, we create healthy and comfortable buildings that use low amounts for energy, that are Net-Zero ready and are not expensive to heat and cool. Small and sustainable will be the design of the future! Conservation and energy efficiency save us money and should be an environmental concern for everyone. Let’s make the Planet Green again!"