The Company

Mission Statement

As a full service, residential construction company in central Vermont we are committed to producing quality,energy-efficient construction and fine woodworking at reasonable prices, created within a humane and cooperative work environment.

To that end, we will:

  • Decide matters of policy consensually amongst partners with input from employees and subcontractors as appropriate;
  • Work with clients in an open and clear manner so that their projects are realized as completely and responsibly as possible;
  • Treat all persons fairly and honestly, reducingor eliminating the exploitive nature of our economic system as much as is possible;
  • Support anti-sexist attitudes and conduct within the company and on the jobsite;
  • Use healthy and sustainable practices, and products that are as locally produced as possible;
  • Actively seek feedback within our business and working relationships so that we operate in a responsive and fair manner;
  • Actively support everyone's growth within the trades and in other areas as possible;
  • Continually question our goals as a company and our methods of implementing those goals.