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Montpelier Construction is at the cutting edge of sustainable building. Our two Certified Passive House Consultants and Vermont's first certified Passive House Builder have the expertise to design and build the world's most energy efficient houses.

The Peak of Energy Efficiency

Developed in Germany in the 1990's, Passivhaus or Passive House is the most stringent green building standard in the world. A Passive House building will typically use about a 1/10 of the energy to heat as a standard code-built house. In a small house the heating system could be as small as a hair dryer. This translates into big savings on heating for the homeowner and less CO2 in the atmosphere. With over 40% of greenhouse gas emissions coming from residential use, building a Passive House is one important thing a homeowner can do to make a real difference.

Our Passive House Consultants use the Passive House Planning Package, an Excel based computer program, to model the energy use of a house design. Recommendations are made based on the results to cost effectively bring the energy demand to the low levels of a Passive House building. This consultation process can be used in the design phase of any new construction or even renovation project to maximize the value of insulation and window placement.

Our Certified Passive House Builder has been trained in the specific skills that are required to bring the Passive House design to reality. From proper air sealing techniques, to complex insulation detailing, a Certified Passive House Builder is a true 21st century craftsman.

Building a home to the Passive House standard does require an increased initial investment. But because a large central heating system can be eliminated in a house this efficient, it is actually more affordable than one might think. Efficiency Vermont has extensively monitored the energy use of a number of high performance Passive House homes and found that the monthly energy savings outweigh the potentially higher mortgage payments. In other words, investing in a Passive House will save money from day one and pay for itself many times over during the life of the building.

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